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Education system in the Netherlands is under strong supervision of the state, which has many powers in the education because it also mostly finances it. It offers different education methods and paths, but it also enforces strict discipline bound to the schools. And mobile devices became so disliked by the schools pursuing primary and secondary education, that they were banned in their buildings.
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 HMD Global starts to produce Nokia brand phones in Europe den 3. Oktober 2023 19:00, Diskussion
The first European phone is 5G model Nokia XR21, which has heavy-duty construction, but also quite high price.
 The SpaceX company has presented the spaceship Dragon V2 for human crew den 30. Mai 2014 15:00, Diskussion
The ship should serve to carry astronauts to the International Space Station but its ambitions are much bigger.
 Popular open source encryption program TrueCrypt was suddenly terminated den 30. Mai 2014 12:00, Diskussion
There are speculations about the reasons spread because it is not possible to get author's statement.
 The EU Court of justice granted the law to be forgotten in the searchers den 30. Mai 2014 12:00, Diskussion
In the case with the Google corporation was decided, that it must be possible to claim the erasure from the searcher.
 Fortunate Friday 13th: SOLARIMPULSE has flown the first international flight den 14. Mai 2011 23:00, Diskussion
The people participating in the project of solar airplane succeeded in planing and realizing a flyover about 400 kilometers long from Switzerland to Belgium.
 The last voyage of spaceshuttle Discovery den 24. Februar 2011 23:00, Diskussion
The spaceshuttle has set off for its last journey into the space after several months of postponements caused by technical problems.
 Some printers add to the printouts hidden information den 21. Februar 2011 16:00, Diskussion
In the digital era one is watched more, than he or she is maybe willing to admit. It is enough to point out the already older, yet still not well known fact, about the secret content of printouts.
 All cars newly approved for road traffic in the EU must have day lights den 17. Februar 2011 1:00, Diskussion
The lights for daily lighting must now have every new vehicle.
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den 19. August 2018 8:00

Medias were flashed recently with a news about the production recovery of the legendary push button Nokia mobile phones. It is not about the original ones, of course, but their imitation with new software. It is not as open as in the smart phones, that's why so equipped phones are called feature phones. Thus they are supplemented with some features of smart phones. Behind the presented intention to offer new functions even in the lowest price phone category is something else hidden. To learn to use only the functions of selected feudals, because others are simply not available.
den 2. Juli 2018 14:00
In the last years the biggest computer companies succeeded in enforcing the way of data processing called cloud. They want the users to store all their data in the clouds without caring about where they are physically situated and how are they processed. The reward for that are different types of services offered above these data, but the data is used by the cloud company also for its purposes, especially targeting paid advertising. It is the return to the wooden times of the computer beginnings, so called hall computers, which centrally processed the tasks for all in the vicinity, because it was very expensive to get a computer. With the arrival of personal computer PC this concept became obsolete. Internet meant the formation of big web servers, which again revived the concept of central service provider. Their income was mostly created by selling the advertising. As they grew and knew more about its users they became such new age feudals competing for who is bigger and absorbs others. The datbox technology brings a possible solution to this feudal establishment and creating of a democratic decentralized system. The users don't store their data directly to their feudal master, but to independent data entities, so called datboxes. Using datbox manager they choose which service providers can use their data and have detailed control over their usage and can revoke their consent anytime.
den 6. Juni 2018 21:00
The Douglas DC-6 meant fundamental change in the civil aviation after second world war. Its long range and reliability cleared the way for nonstop intercontinental flights as we know them today. It represents also the last phase of classic piston engines in air traffic after which the age of turbine engines had come. Its four eighteen cylinder double radial engines gurgle gorgeously like a big volume american car or motorcycle and also that is why this aircraft became the symbol of new afterwar free age of unlimited worldwide mobility. From several hundred units produced remained only two able to operate until today. The demanding maintenance of such a complicated machine cannot afford just anyone. The care of the first one took the Red Bull company and after ten thousands of renovation hours is today the decoration of their fleet and it is possible to see it often on European airports with the matriculation OE-LDM. The second of them with the matriculation V5-NCG had long uncertain fate because it was standing since 2010 on the Eros airport near the capital Windhoek in Namibia after the death of its owner. Just in May 2018 it took off again from the airport and headed to its new owner in America, who decided to renovate it.
den 2. Juni 2011 12:00
At the times of the German Democratic Republic, in the period of the central planning, an utility vehicle with the eerie name Barkas dominated those roads. It took many shapes on it, figured in many roles and thus became a legend. It was not a hero, but because it was the only one, the people simply had to live with it.
den 22. Februar 2011 19:00
Along with the move of many business, official and other important activities on the Internet, the problem how to trustworthily identify a person must be solved. There already exist many technical solutions of this problem, however only few of them got to the level of a means used by the state. The compulsory means of identification of every man in many states is the identity card. But its classical paper or plastic form is difficult for processing in a computer. That is why Germany decided to add a chip to the new identity card, which allows easy cooperation with a computer. But it is not the contact chip used on payment cards, for example, but it is a contactless chip, well known as a protection of goods against theft in shops, for example. It poses a possible risk, because the state or any person with proper equipment could without notice remotely determine the identity of people.
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