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Sunday 14th July 2024 12:51

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If you want to advertise on the pages of this magazine, contact our advertising division, please. We can offer you banners, text messages and also much more. It is always the subject of discussion. The price depends also on discussion.

With offers and questions contact us please at this e-mail address:


Prices of advertising

To have an idea we show here the prices of the most common forms of advertisments on the pages of this magazine, Motio.info. The prices include VAT.

Text announcement

The text announcement can be placed to different parts of the web pages. The basic charging unit is 1 day (24 hours from midnight till midnight). The minimum time of placement is just one day. The text announcement is composed of the title, the text and the link to a web site. The price for placement for 1 day is 40 CZK including VAT. For the eighth and every following day there is the price deduction to 30 CZK including VAT. If the announcement has thematic similar to the content of this magazine (thus everything related to travelling, mobile technologies and life style), we offer action deduction 50% from the total advertisment price. The text announcement can be written simultaneously in the following language versions: Czech, English, German, French.

A special possibility is the placement of advertisment in an article, either on its start or at the end. The charging can be either classic according to the number of days as described above, or the text can be placed permanently to the selected article, the price is then 500 CZK including VAT for one article, where the text is placed.

Another possible placements of text announcements are on the main page on these places: on the left panel under the most read news, on the right panel under the search box, below the current theme overview, below the latest article, below the news overview, below the another articles overview and below the advisory.


Banner is a graphical element of certain dimension, it can be a picture, animated image, etc. and after clicking at it a required web page is displayed. The basic charging unit is a week (thus 7 consecutive days). The minimum time of placement is just one week. The price for one week placement on the left or right side panel is 200 CZK including VAT for a banner of the dimensions about 140 pixels width and 200 pixels height. At bigger banners the price is correspondingly higher. A special banner format is the banner just at the top of the page above the magazine logo, which as the above described banner is displayed on every page. Its price is 1000 CZK including VAT for one week at the dimensions of 800 pixels width and 80 pixels height.

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